The Research Composition, its requirements, its evaluation and its transformation to a dissertation at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Szeged

The Research Composition, its requirements, its evaluation and its transformation to a dissertation at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Szeged

I. Basic

There is really a TDK research article a written statement of separate work done during undergraduate instruction away from obligatory program.Visit Website Its aim is self education, the gaining of factors or its demonstration as a dissertation, as detailed in part III below as well as in the University of Medicine attachment towards the Instructional Research and Assessment Restrictions of the School of Szeged’s Study Signal. It’s crucial that study essays’ creators have proven their effective and fruitful contribution in technological research in the specialized community of the TDK. Writers underscore that they’ll properly utilize rules and the ethics of scientific communication, by publishing study essays. A research article range from tests and the research, however it can be an incident document, or clinico- mathematical or pathological — demographic study. Literature reviews aren’t accepted as research article. Investigation documents must therefore include outcomes that may not have been received with no efforts of the experts, and must replicate function that is separate.

II. Needs of a TDK research dissertation

1.The official needs of the TDK research paper will be the just like those of the dissertation

The main body of the dissertation (excluding the title-page, the stand of articles as well as the list of abbreviations) should be between 25 and 50 pages, such as the Results and Tables, but without the recommendations. Site numbering ought to be given while in the page header, centred towards the top of the linen. The document structure ought to be A/4 with 3.5 cm; margins: 1.5 line-spacing and 2.5 cm about the side that is remaining, below, above and about the right side. Font: Times Roman.

2. Structure of the research essay

The title page Below a font size that was bigger than 12 may be used. In sequence from your the top of page, centred: the title of the study article; the writer(s), school year, group; TDK study essay ; topic supervisor(s) brand(s), his/her placement, his/her educational level; title of the institute where the investigation essay was prepared (start/clinic and research group); Szeged; year.

Set of abbreviations to The page following the title page, in order

The table of articles Following abbreviations page (optimum 1 page length)

The main body the investigation dissertation must have a controlled research-paper divided in to independent parts such as the numbering’s conventional composition. 1. Conclusion (1 page at most of the; it may be the same as the abstract submitted for your TDK Conference) 2. Release 3. Objective (1 site at most) 4. Products and approaches 5. Results 6. Talk 7. Findings (1 page at most); 8. Referrals (no more than 50; the line spacing may be solitary; usage of reference director software is advised); 9. Acknowledgements (not obligatory), signal of scholarships or help (not obligatory)

The last site The title of the TDK speech on which the study essay was centered (name, presenter(s)/author(s), place and time of the convention, any award granted).

A where the author(s) express(s) the appearance of the study and provides(s) comprehensive information regarding his/her very own routines, list findings performed separately and any aid obtained.

Brand(s) of the writer(s) and supervisor(s) using their signatures

E mail address for correspondence

3. Additional formal needs

Physique or Stand with amounts: figures should really be placed directly under the Results and Tables (utilizing a smaller font size than 12 and single line space).

In the wording of the investigation essay, the author must refer to Tables or Results together with the suitable (e.g. Figure 4, Table 3, etc.)

The references should be listed with numbers in order.

In the wording, the recommendations ought to be presented in supports; of just one writer: the name and year (e.g in the event. Abbott, 2005), in the case of two writers: both labels listed by and as well as the year (e.g. Dore-Duffy and LaManna, 2007), in case in excess of two creators, the name of the first publisher accompanied by et al. as well as the year (e.g. Blasiole et al. 2007).

Illustrations in case of an article or guide: Mathiisen TM, Lehre KP NC OP: The astroglial sheath supplies vessels that are micro to a complete masking of the brain: an electron. Glia. 2010; 58:1094-1103. Franklin KBJ The mouse brain in stereotaxic coordinates. Academic Press CA, US, 1997.

4. Posting the research article

The TDK investigation article written in Language or Hungarian must to be posted in two bound copies to the following address:

Secretariat of the Faculty of Medicine TDK Council (found in the Company of Medical Research) Sz??kefalvi-Nagy B??la utca 6. Szeged 6720.

The contract for submission is 30 November. Any alterations can even be on the TDT webpage and will soon be marketed from the Deans Workplace of the School in the beginning of the academic year.

III. Examination to thesis of TDK investigation essays and their transformation

Two independent confidential writers hired from the TDT evaluate TDK study documents. The place report that is final may be the details awarded by the two judges’ average. In the significant difference between the scores’ event, yet another reviewer will evaluates the composition.

At the most 5 points can be honored, when the necessary formal specifications satisfie. 5 points that were added can be awarded for quality and that relevance of the designs; how the writing etc. are supported by the illustrations Overall, the conventional the main essay can be won with a maximum of 10 points. The controlled content is evaluated based on the needs of using a maximum of 20 things, medical periodicals. Overall, therefore, at the most 30 details might be awarded.

Essays awarded at least 15 factors are scored not as unacceptable. Documents accorded 25-30 items are honored 1st prize, those with the ones with 16-19 points 3rd prize and 20-24 details prize. TDK research documents which are rated 2nd and 1st might be rewarded financially.

Authors are advised after the submission deadline of the review consequence within 60-days.

Copies of TDK investigation that is acknowledged / medical essays are kept within the collection of the applicable start /clinic. A pdf type of the article have to be delivered to the secretary of the TDT, who grips the records of the TDK website (

A student could make a request a TDK study essay that is accepted to be granted points; a 1st composition receives a second treasure 2 points, 4 credit points and a 3rd reward 1 credit level. These details can be counted into the academic achievements inside the following session.

The student can send a proper demand for the Dean of the University of Medication for that article to become accepted as being a thesis, expressing the work hasn’t obtained points earlier if your research composition hasn’t been awarded credit points earlier. The demand ought to be presented for the educational office; one copy of the investigation composition have to be connected, branded Thesis, alongside the examination of the dissertation (acquired in the TDT). A fresh assessment process that is written isn’t vital, but there has to be a common support.

If one creator wrote a TDK essay, it can be presented in a customized type which satisfies the official requirements of the dissertation. the School workplace that was academic subsequently organizes the evaluation. The first, unmodified type might be posted being a dissertation only from the first publisher if multiple experts wrote a research documents. To the appliance, the documents for this from the co-authors have to be attached in this case.

When the research paper was authored by two writers as well as the supervisor confirms that the efforts of both were similar, equally authors possess the to submit an application to a thesis it for its alteration. In cases like this, the declarations of the director and both learners has to be connected and a sign has to be given regarding how the research article was offered to by each publisher. This type of combined app isn’t feasible if you’ll find over two writers of the research article.

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